With Morecambe and Wise interviewing people. I stepped in to be silly. “Are you applying for the cleaning job?” I asked a doll. “Don’t so it, it’s a rubbish job!”

Later I was in a comedy class with my old teacher from a stand up curse I did in real life, James. He asked for racist or insulting jokes that were okay enough to use. I tried to think of one but struggled. I was chatting to Jeremy Renner. He’d hurt his leg so he had to stay seated.

James was trying to fix something that looked like a washing machine.

Finally I said the joke “The more the merrier doesn’t count for chins.”

Later I was talking to a girl who had had a funny turn and needed to stay in the warm, so I sat with her.

In another part of the dream I was in a small museum. There were a few notice boards with items pinned on. Someone I was with accidentally knocked something off the wall. He tried to pin it back on but the pin came off and more things fell off. I tried to put it it back on and had the same problem, things kept falling into off. I told the woman running the exhibition and she went off to try and find some bigger pins but couldn’t so we had to just leave it.