64 and 8

Had a dream last night that started off with me and mother at a sports event. It was like a big official tournament, but anyone could take part. There were thousands of people there. We took part in a few events, but the main one that I participated in was the ‘flag throwing’ event. The ‘flag’ was a pole with a hinge about three quarters of the way up and the flag attached to just the top quarter. It was basically like a massive game of darts, because the object was to throw the flag at a big circle. I threw it and got a score of 64 and 8. I’ve no idea how they worked that out, but still, I thought I’d done pretty well. It turned out I’d come first! The next highest score was 57 and 6, so I’d done incredibly well. They announced me as the winner on a big screen and I went up to the judges and shook their hands. But that was it, there was no prize. Mother spoke to the guy who was running the flag event after everybody had gone and he said he’d get me something. He went off into the shadows and came back with the flag that I’d thrown. I was chuffed with this prize.

We went home to find Nan, Grandad, Lee and Sam were there. I showed them the flag and told them about me winning and they were happy, but Nan was more interested in seeing the video scan of Lee’s baby – even though in real life she’s already seen it. So I went upstairs and got my laptop to show her. It took me a while to find it but I did and showed it to them.

Whilst they were watching the video, I got a Skype message on my phone from Laura saying:

Exciting news 🙂

I was quite surprised to see the message as it was 10pm and Laura only uses Skype at work, so I figured she must have stayed late at work and got something done to be messaging me this late. I waited to find out what it was, but didn’t hear anything, so I went to bed. While I was sleeping, my phone pinged (even though I’d put it on do-not-disturb mode) and when I got up to check, it was another Skype message off Laura:

You know how I got free tickets for that show before? Well the same guy has for me tickets to another jazz show.

It’s a basketball game, but afterwards there’s a singer called Jordan playing.

I can’t wait! So excited!!!

I didn’t respond, thinking I’d reply in the morning. I went back to sleep, but after a while my phone pinged again. I got up and checked it and it was Laura’s original Skype message (Exciting news :)) without the stuff she’d sent after. This confused me somewhat and I started questioning if I had dreamt the second message or not. I was too tired to find out, so I put my phone back and went to sleep. The next morning I woke up and checked my phone. The first message was there, but not the second. Then, while I was looking at my phone, the second message came through. So I sent her a reply:

Stop confusing me!

Then I turned my phone off and woke up (in real life).

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