8 Legged Man

Had a dream last night that started with me receiving a letter telling me that I had won two awards from my primary school for attendance and punctuality. Despite having left many years ago, there was apparently nobody else in the school at the time with a good attendance/punctuality rate, so I got the awards. I got in touch with some of my former classmates to find out if they’d received any awards, but none of them had.

After that, I decided to go swimming. When I left the pool, I met up with Mike, his dad and his brother to get a lift home. Instead of going home, we went to a park. Whilst we were in the car, there was another guy there who asked me whether I had taken ‘the quiz’. After trying to bluff my way through it, I ended up asking him what he was talking about. It turned out there was a quiz sent out to everyone to test if they were foreign or not. I hadn’t received it.

We met up with two guys – Adam and Matt, from school days – at the park. Adam kept saying to Matt that he was going to try and get me to do stupid things (like jumping a river) but I heard him and dared him to do it instead. He fell into the river.

After we’d had some more fun at the park, mother text me to let me know she went to see a film called Blink with nan. She wanted me to take her to another film next week.

Mike and I left the park and went to a shop to buy some treats for my dog, Zeta. The woman in the shop didn’t understand what dog treats were and kept trying to sell me tins of dog food. In the end I bought both.

When I got home, there was a fete going on. Edward Russell (the brand manager for Doctor Who) was in a tent setting up a decoration, which was a washing line with Lego minifigures and Action Man clothes pegged on. I helped him out for a while and when I was handed a small bag with 8 Action Man legs in, I said, “Meet 8 Legged Man! The man with no body but 8 legs!”

That was pretty much it.

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