A drunken Ramsay

On my way home from somewhere, I bumped into 3 people I knew from school. One of them spotted me and said hello. My hair was very messy and I decided to purposely be a bit weird, so I said hello and introduced my ‘imaginary friend’ next to me. I gave my friend a little nod to prompt him to say hello, but he didn’t.

There was also another bit where my brother and I were playing with my nephew, Max, in my mother’s bedroom and a few girls were watching.

In the next part, I went to a cinema and was watching a film. I noticed my boss, Dave, at the end of the row on his laptop. Since it was a working day, I told him I’d stay late because I was here watching the film, but he said he didn’t mind and I could watch another film after if I wanted.

After the film, we went to a bar and I sat by Gordon Ramsay, who was with a young guy. Ramsay asked him what he thought of his drink and the guy said he didn’t actually like that drink. Ramsay apologised (I think he’d bought it him) and got up to get him another one. He asked “What’s your poison” and the guy said something. However, Ramsay was drunk, so he stumbled up to the bar and started shouting about vodka.

I went and sat by my colleague Matt and said to him that Ramsay was as bad as Alistair (a designer we took on who was fired for being drunk).

Later, we went back to the office. We all had a bit of a chat and then a client came, so I went sat in a room on my own in the back. Only I wasn’t on my own, as Alistair came in and shut the door. He said I was right about what I’d said about him earlier and things I’d said in the office. I ignored him, so he climbed on the desk and started walking around on the desks talking loudly. He then opened the window and said “I’m going to jump now.” Dave heard him and shouted to stop, but Alistair jumped and I heard him scream as he fell. I woke up before he landed.

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