A trillion likes

I was at work and we had an intern (a young guy) in the office. Dave was out of the office so I sat in his chair and played Frank Sinatra over the speakers. After a while, Dave came back so I switched back to my usual chair, but he only stopped briefly to pick something up and then left.

I was designing a poster and wanted to add something to do with Pokemon to it. The intern showed me some lifelike illustrations of Pokemon. They were really impressive, but didn’t look much like the Pokemon they were meant to be, so I said they wouldn’t be easily recognisable.

“To be fair, a trillion likes,” he said, pointing to the amount of likes the post had got as justification for people knowing what it was.
“To be fair,” I replied, “you’re just the intern.”

I left work in a bad mood and met up with Mike and Laura. I snapped at Laura over something and we didn’t talk much. Later we went to a cafe and I bought us all tea and cake by way of apology. I ordered a cup of tea for me, a coke for Laura and a beer for Mike. Instead, they brought 2 mini cokes (to make up a normal sized one) and 2 beers. I pointed out to the server that there was something wrong. He couldn’t figure it out so I eventually told him to remove one of the beers. We sat at a table with a couch for seating and I apologised to Laura for snapping.

I also went to Waterstones, but I don’t remember anything that happened there.

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