A visit from Laura

I only remember a bit from my dream last night, but it’s sufficient to be worthy of a post. I was at work – all my colleagues were there, but it wasn’t the same office, it was more of a house, with big windows and a conservatory where Dave, my boss, was working. I was typing away, but then I heard someone come into the office and the others greeting them. I turned and saw it was my friend Laura! I used to occasionally visit her office in real life, but she’s never been to my current office. I was, of course, pleased to see her. I got up and gave her a hug and we had a bit of a chat. She then went into Dave’s office and told him she was running a race for charity and asked if he’d sponsor her. He said he would, but didn’t know how much to give. It was one of those awkward ‘if I say this much will they think it’s not enough’ moments. In the end he suggested £40 – £50. She said £30 would be fine and he asked a bit about the charity.

And that was it. Not the most exciting of dreams, but still a nice one.

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