Annie the cling film eater

Had a dream last night where I was in school. It was break time, but the playground was deserted. Apparently there were some new rules about being in class on time and everyone was going in earlier. I headed to class and the teacher was waiting for me to turn up late. He told me he’d been thinking up a punishment for weeks. I said I wasn’t late and asked for the jackpot – no idea what that means.

I sat next to a girl called Annie (who was in my class at school in real life) and we were both complaining about the teacher, school and random things in general.

She said she liked watching TV in the mornings and she loved cheese – having once eaten some with cling film on. I told her she’d love my colleague Lauren.

She then asked why I was at school if I have a job.

I didn’t know what to reply, so I just woke up.

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