Aquaman and the aliens

The dream started off with me watching a Justice League film. There had been one released recently that mixed live action with comic book style cutaways, but someone had produced an edited version without the comic book bits.

In the film, the Justice League were investigating a big, square building down by the docks. Green Lantern tried to open a door, but it was too tight, so he asked Superman to open it for him. Meanwhile, an army of generic CGI aliens appeared on the premises. The superheroes decided to split up, with the film following Aquaman around the left side of the building. However, at this point, I was now playing Aquaman and I had my dog, Zeta, with me on her lead. We carried on around to the back of the building and tried a few doors. The first two didn’t open, but the third one opened to reveal a toilet inside. We went in and there was another door leading to a café. I told Zeta to run back to the base, trusting that she’d make it back there okay.

The aliens appeared at the window of the café, which was shaped like a boat and somehow detached from the building. I ducked down and hid from the aliens, who lifted the café up and carried it towards the sea. I knew they were going to throw it in the sea and I’d have to save everyone, so I got up and ran to the end of the boat café. As they chucked the boat into the water, I dove out of the window and swam underneath the boat, lifting it back up above the water.

The scene panned across to the shore where I was playing on the waterfront. I had a bunch of Doctor Who figures and a few Justice League figures, enacting the scene that was playing out. It was as if the action stuff was actually just in my imagination.

A man with white hair and a stubbly beard walked past and commented on the Doctor Who figures. I realised I’d seen him a month before when I’d come up to Wales – which is where we apparently were – for the wrestling in Llanfairfechan. At the time, I’d been dressed as the Seventh Doctor and he was dressed as the First Doctor. I told the man this and someone next to him said “The wrestling? That was a good show.”

Someone else mentioned the wrestling to my right and I turned to see a guy and Holly (a girl I’d known in college) had appeared next to me. She looked quite different, with brushed back hair and weird teeth – two really big buck teeth with a normal sized tooth in the middle.

Holly asked if she could come to the wrestling next time it was on because she’d been invited. I said she could. I asked what she was doing now and she said “Don’t laugh, but… I’m working for Quiss.”

I should point out that Quiss is one of our clients at work in real life. I asked doing what she was doing there and she said “Are you ready to be proud?”

She said they’d asked her to come in one day a week and run a little salon offering massages, treatments and ‘doving’. Not sure what the last one meant, but I remember seeing it on a leaflet she showed me. I said that sounded like a good idea and we could use that in our office.

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