Aye aye, Esmé

Had a dream last night in which I was on holiday abroad somewhere with Roger and Dave from karate (as I had been in real life a few days ago). We were in a big supermarket and I was trying to find a late birthday present for my brother. I saw some Lego, but didn’t think he’d like it.

At one point I saw a guy who wasn’t the full shilling wandering around the aisle. A voice came over the tannoy telling him that he was fired – he’d done something stupid earlier on. The guy went to leave, but didn’t know the way, so he just wandered around on the spot. The tannoy voice came on again and told him to turn left and go straight to get to the exit.

We left the supermarket and headed back to the hotel. On the way we saw Esmé Squalor (from A Series Of Unfortunate Events) dressed as a sailor standing in a doorway. We went over to her and Dave asked her for a hug. I was secretly jealous, as I wanted a hug off her, but I was soon glad I didn’t get one. After she’d hugged him, she left, laughing to herself.

We noticed that there was a knife sticking out of Dave’s back. She’d stabbed him. Roger remembered that Emsé used to make life support machines (apparently in this dream she had) so we set off to find the factory.

I’ll never know if we did find it, as it was at this point that I woke up.

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