Batwoman’s ukuleles

I was in a supermarket looking for a few things
The staff were all on blue tops
They were playing a big game around the shop where they had to avoid each other
It was somehow related to die hard -I knew the last person to survive would be Bruce Willis’ character
I teamed up with Ruby Rose from Batwoman, but she was my age
We went into the toilets and I held her coat while she had a wee at a urinal
I then helped her sneak out
She asked if I wanted to keep in touch and I said yes
I got the bus home
I started speaking to her on WhatsApp
Her username was ‘ukuleles’
She mentioned a song and I said we should do a parody of it
She said “I really want to do this now” and sent some lyrics she’d found online

Mike and I were invited to meet the head of a tech company
We got a taxi to Lichfield
The driver said the office wouldn’t be as big as we were expecting
We arrived at a building and the driver walked us through the building
There was loads of baby stuff in one room
We went behind a curtain expecting to see an office, but it was just a kitchen area wit three women
The guy talked to one of them, which was his wife
We got back in the car and carried on
I asked Mike if the driver knew where he was going
Mike assured me he did

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