Ben loves Ben

Had a dream last night that I was at a school, but it was like a boarding school cos we stayed there in hotel rooms – which were in an airport.
Mike and I shared a room and later it was announced that we would have company, which turned out to be a pretty blonde girl called Ben. Needless to say I was smitten and spent most of the dream trying to win her affections.
Later we met up in the playground – the same one as Campion – with Andrew Owen. Then another kid came along and offered to buy the girl a drink. She accepted but the bell went so he couldn’t buy her one anyway. It turned out later Mike saw I was jealous of him and rigged the bell to ring.
Then when we were walking back, the girl said that Milhouse wanted to see us, but not me. He never wanted to see me again.
Then at the stairs an old lady had a go at Mike because she thought he was trying to trip her up.

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