Birthday Balls

Was on a course. Chatting to holly. She said you get a free hot chocolate at costa. She went down to get one, came back and said you have to buy something to get it free. I said I’d get my lunch there. Went down and said hello to Holly and her husband and kid. I had a look but they only had one sandwich that I didn’t like, so I left it.

In a bar and two girls came up to me. They were flirting and I wasn’t sure which of them it was that fancied me. Turned out to be a blonde in a white dress. She looked alright so I said I’d go on a date with her.

Later at my house. Party for my birthday. Mike had arranged a game in the garden. “I have no idea what he’s planned and I’m very scared.”

First round was him and two others throwing tennis balls at us and we had to catch them and throw them back. If they hit us we lost. Chris was there, and Sean from school. It reminded me and Sean of a game we used to play called Lucky Guy which was similar.

After the first round, everyone went back inside for a break and then came back out. Second round was kicking a baby’s bottle off a tree stump and trying to get it onto the decking. First woman who tried it picked it up and threw it. I kicked it and got it on there.