Birthday boy knows how to skip it

In last night’s dream, I was at a laser quest type place. Before you could get into the actual arena, you had to go through 3 different rooms (blue, red and yellow) and watch a video in each. After a few times going through them, I noticed a button at the bottom of the drapes on the wall (a long thing piece of cloth with the room number printed on) that opened the door, so I just used that to carry on through and skip the video. On the fourth time going through, there were two women in the third room. I walked in, looked at them, pressed the button and carried on through. The one said teasingly, ‘Oh, birthday boy knows how to skip it.’

After the three rooms, there were a bunch of small tables with people sitting on them doing some work. I sat down and joined in. A woman, who was the leader, told us she was looking for ideas for a new toy. I suggested a sort of invisible screen that kids can draw on. It would be made of clear plastic, but we would tell the kids it was magic. She acted out how it would work and pretended one of the people on the tables was a child, telling them it was delivered by Dumbledore from Harry Potter.

We were told to design it and we all had to pick a felt tip pen. I picked a blue one and shouted out my colour. The guy next to me smiled and shouted out ‘Yellow!’ This carried on around the table until one guy shouted blue, so I swapped mine for a green one because I felt bad that he’d wanted blue but I got to chose before him. Once we had our pens, a second year student (we were now apparently students) came over and showed us her architecture project.

Later on in the dream, my mother and brother, Lee, were out walking our dog, Zeta. Lee’s girlfriend, Sam, told me that she had a present for mother that she wanted to give her before her and Lee went on holiday. I called mother up and told her to come home. She was panicking, thinking she’d done something wrong or it was bad news, so I said ‘It doesn’t necessarily mean it’s bad.’ Sam gave her the present and she loved it. I don’t know what it was because I waited downstairs.

Earlier in the dream (I remembered this bit after but not sure where in the dream it went) I was in a shopping centre with Goodwin. We looked around at the shops and noticed a new department store that was a bit like Debenhams if it were done by Ikea. It sold everything, including clothes and homeware. We had a look at the top two floors, but Goodwin wanted to skip the bottom floor. I wanted to see it, so I made him go to the bottom floor. We didn’t buy anything.

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