Black Coco Pops

I was a superhero in a team and we were infiltrating an office in the city. The villain had set up a trap so that when someone lit their cigarette, it would explode. However, we didn’t know who the victim was. We asked everyone who smoked and narrowed it down to one girl.

I went over to the girl’s desk, but she was hypnotised. She was about to light her cigarette so I grabbed her hands and led her to the window

“There’s only one way to snack her out of it,” I said. “She needs to think she’s going to die.”

I smashed the window and dangled her out, but I realised she knew I wasn’t going to drop her.

“It’s not working,” one of my fellow superheroes said. “You need to actually drop her.”

I quickly let go of her hand and grabbed hold again. In the split second that she was loose, she woke up. I pulled her back in and explained what had happened.

Later, I was in a shop. I bought a cereal variety pack that had new black coco pops. I text Mike to tell him and he told me about some new cookie flavoured Rice Krispies. I asked him to get me some next time he went to the shop, but then realised I could just look for some in the shop I was in. I went off and mother went to wait at the customer services section where they made her a cup of tea. It was quite a nice little area, more like a phone shop showroom with a little booth built into the wall.

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