A boy called cushion

Had a dream last night where I was on a school trip to Walsall. My mother was also there and she went shopping. She later told me she’d managed to get all the presents she wanted.

I don’t remember much of the trip, but on the train back, I sat with Goodwin and a guy called Sean, while Mike sat a few seats down from us. I could see him and felt bad. I’d clearly ignored him a bit during the trip.

Goodwin, Sean and I got off at Princess Alice Station instead of the Birmingham Uni station where we’d got on. I looked around, but I couldn’t see Mike. I thought he was still on the train, but then I saw his dad on the platform and saw Mike meeting up with him. I rushed over to him, but he ignored me and walked off. His dad pointed out that Mike was ignoring me.

The next day I sent Mike an email to apologise for ignoring him during the trip. I started it off asking if he’d enjoyed the trip, but then I realised that the trip had been part of a dream (a dream within a dream) so I hadn’t really ignored Mike and didn’t need to email him.

Later in the dream, I was back in school and leaving the art room. The staircase was made up of what looked like four white, wooden Ikea bookcases going down like a spiral staircase.

I was very nervous going down, as they were very narrow – two people could barely fit next to each other – and there was no bannister, so you could easily fall past. I carefully walked down and there was a kid at the bottom of one flight, so I asked him to move back so I could get past. He didn’t move back, so I shuffled past him. As I got near the bottom of the staircase, a kid was moving it away from the wall. I told him to stop and quickly got down.

At the bottom I sat on the floor up against the wall to catch my breath. Goodwin was the other side of the room putting up a banner. I complained about the stairs, but he couldn’t hear me, so I started complaining doing a Paul McCartney impression.

As I was talking, a Chinese kid came and sat on my legs, which were outstretched. I looked quite surprised and Goodwin smirked. I leaned forward and said sarcastically to the kid, “Hello, my name’s cushion, nice to meet you

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