Bruce Forsyth

Had a weird dream last night. I’m remembering bits of it so it may not be in order.

I just remembered that Mike and I were in a theatre, a really big one and the stairs were really steep so it was tall but not wide. And we’d gone to see an old performer that our mothers liked, a magician I think it was. And he did a disappearing act, but when he ‘reappeared’ at the top of the stairs, everyone looked around and saw that it wasn’t him, it was Bruce Forsyth. Although he looked remarkably like Andy Kaufman. And Bruce ran down the stairs and did my joke. He shouted “Nice to see you, to see you!” and everyone shouted “Nice!” and he said “No, don’t interrupt, don’t interrupt love.” And I sat in my seat and thought ‘I can’t do that joke now cos he’s actually said it’.

There was more to the dream than just that bit. I think we’d gone on holiday somewhere. And i’m sure Zooey Deschanel was in it because at one point in the dream I said to Mike “See, I told you if I watched her film she’d be here.”

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