The girl in the burgundy hat

Had a dream last night with a nice happy ending.

Mike and I were in Wales and getting the train to another part of Wales. Mike made us leave in a hurry, so I didn’t have my camera or any luggage with me. We were getting the train to Mecarthern, but we when we got to the train station, we found out we had to get a bus to a different train station to get the train. It turned out the bus was in fact a series of cars. While we were waiting around, I got talking to a rather nice girl. She had short, dark hair, with a burgundy hat (like a cross between a beenie hat and a Jewish cap), blue converse and a piercing somewhere on her face (I can’t remember where, by her lip I think). She was the sort of girl who was just effortlessly cool and naturally pretty. I found out we had quite a bit in common, including the fact she watched The Flash and Gotham. She also said that she was from Birmingham and was on holiday here.

As we were talking, Zeta jumped into the back of one of the cars. Mike had also gotten in the back of one of the cars and was calling me over. The girl and I went to the car, but there was just enough room for me to squeeze in next to Mike (possibly a reference to when I had to squeeze in next to Mike in a car when we went to Wales a couple of weeks ago) so I had to say goodbye to the girl.

I couldn’t stop thinking about her during the journey. When we got to the station, we had to go through a ticket barrier. The guard, who was riding around on a little trolley, told us to wait in line. I stepped forward to carry on, but he took me back and told me off.

When we got through the barrier, we came outside. The train tracks were on the left and the sea was on the right. In front of us was a large stone seating area (like giant steps) that curved around to follow the sea. I suddenly realised I might see the girl here, so I decided to write my details down to give her if I saw her. The only paper I had on me was a bunch of A6 business cards I’d had printed. For some reason, they didn’t have my details on, so I had to write them on with a pen. I messed up the first few times I attempted to write them on, but eventually did it.

I headed over to the stone steps and walked along them, keeping my eye out for a girl in a burgundy hat. It didn’t take long before I found her. She was sitting amongst the people, slouched casually with her knees up. As I walked past, I was certain it was her, but was still a little unsure. I looked at her and she smiled at me. She recognised me and was smiling because she knew I’d recognised her. I asked if she was the girl I’d spoken to earlier. She said she was.

She told me her name was Carys and admitted, “I couldn’t get you out of my head. There’s some people I just meet and know I like them.”

I gave her the business card with my details on and she gave me her phone number, which I wrote down on one of my spare business cards. We chatted for a while and then I had to go to get train with Mike. We said goodbye and promised to keep in touch.

I do like a nice happy ending. It was a shame to wake up really.

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