Cadbury Karate Girl

Had a nice dream where I went to Cadbury World with ‘a friend’ (didn’t recognise him) and his ‘female friend’. The girl had blonde hair, soft skin that had been made up and looked like the sort of girl that’s always moody.

And we went by boat there and train back which was fun. Then we got there, and I went on that Cadbra ride, but when it went round it came outside the room and went all around the factory, up the stairs and everything. Then the girl we were with – who was rather pretty – was arguing with me over something and we gained a mutual dislike of each other, especially when we went to the reptile room (yeah, in Cadbury world) and she knew all about the crickets (which aren’t reptiles but still).

In the reptile room there was also a cabinet full of ants that had been taught to whistle. And in one small display, there was a group of them that had learnt the Dad’s Army theme. I’ve never heard the Dad’s Army theme, but I knew it was that.

Then after I went to karate, where the same girl went there as well and was still unfriendly with me. And then we had to do partner work and she immediately chose to partner with me, as if to say ‘yeah I’m gonna beat him up’. And I said “Oh, that’s an odd choice, go for the brown belt with a grudge.”
As it happened she was rubbish at karate – but good at singing, as she earlier sung We Will Not Grow Old by Lenka in a library – so I was able to show off and then I taught her the moves and we got on well.

Earlier in the dream, other things happened. I was also called into where I worked on that game, and the guy gave me a CD marker pen that was one of those ones with multiple colours that you click on. And he also had some photos of me from when I was young and as I am now. And when he showed me the young one I said “Cor, look at those ears. You could get Sky on them.” And he laughed. Then he showed me more and I said “Do you have my entire life on here?” And he said jokingly “Yeah, we’re god.”
And they gave me £60 for a job I had just done.
And David Bozward was there looking at his laptop and he had a photo of me in Paris, then he said “I really want to employ him again for one last job.” And I said “Well, it’s too late now, I have a job. You had your chance.”

Then earlier still, we were at the dock waiting for the boat to take us to cadbury world and the boat had broken down. So Mak, Jobe and I – they’re 2 guys from college, Mak I work with now – went and got this big vehicle with a ladder on and drove it to where the boat was. And security got wind of it and sent us a warning message on the radio thinking it was the real driver. And Jobe said “This isn’t the driver, this is Jobe, I’m doing this for my girl.” And then Mak said to the radio operator “And I’m Mak. I’ve worked with this guy, I know I can do it.” And then they looked at me… And I wrote a note to them that said ‘Sorry, I’m not going to tell them who I am, I have a job that I need to keep’.

And that was that. It ended with me teaching the girl karate, so it was a nice ending.

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