Can Of Cheese

This dream was based in school. It wasn’t one that I’ve been to in real life, but it was definitely a school. There was a foreign girl there called Lana who I rather liked. I kept trying to get her attention and smiling at her, but she just ignored me. A girl called Sarah (from school in real life) was sat behind me.

It was soon lunch time and I had a bag of food with me, while someone else had some mouldy bread. After lunch, I was fed up of trying to fit in so I decided to just be myself and carry on in my own little world. Going up the stairs to my classroom, someone had a can of cheese and was throwing it around. A boy called Danny (another old school friend) came downstairs and told me to move. I responded with, ‘I didn’t know you were going up and down.’

I slid down the banister and found a gym at the bottom of the stairs. Inside was a group of boys singing political songs. One of them started with the line “I will become president of the country I never heard of until yesterday.”

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