Charlie Pasquale

I was in a theatre with mother and a few friends. We were going to see Dave Gorman, but we were running a bit late. We had seats in the middle, but because we were late it was dark, so we just sat in the seats at the side.

Dave was already on stage and made a comment about someone being late. Luckily he meant someone else up in the high seats.

Later in the show, Joe Pasquale was doing a magic routine and asked for some volunteers, so my friends and I ran down.

There was about 10 of us on stage and we all sat down racing the audience. Joe was in the middle dressed as Charlie Chaplin. He said one of us had committed a crime and he was going to work out who. Somehow I knew it was me.

He had a woman on stage who started describing the criminal. She basically said the hair, height and face was very similar to Joe’s own and said it was to the right of the stage. This narrowed it down to me and two younger kids. One was short and fat with a bowler hat, the other was taller and skinnier, and they were both dressed in overalls. I pointed out “It looks like Laurel and Hardy in the middle here” which got a laugh.

Joe worked out it was me, but didn’t say. He leant over and kissed each one of us on the forehead with his lips that had been painted black. He announced to the audience that not only did the criminal have the lipstick mark, but they also had the word ‘suspect’ in black on their head. It was me.

The audience cheered and we went back to our seats. Then I woke up.

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