Chocolate with Gordon

In last night’s dream, I was in a Thornton’s shop looking at some chocolate. I was not alone, as Gordon Ramsay was also in the shop. We were both looking at the chocolates in glass display cabinets. It looked more like a museum, when they have a plinth with a glass box on top with the artefacts in.

Gordon was getting really excited, saying how great everything was. I wandered over to him and said “Careful your boner doesn’t break the glass.” To which he laughed.

I’d heard him mention a chocolate cake, so I asked some of that. The woman said they didn’t have any left. Gordon said, “He’ll be alright with just a drink then, won’t you?”

I said, “No, I want something to eat. Something I can bite into and savour.”

He was impressed that I stuck to my guns and said, “good for you.”

So the woman working there gave me some sort of chocolate. I sat at a table with Gordon and we both had hot chocolates. They were really nice.

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