Had a strange dream last night. Can’t remember a lot of it but as I type it more and more comes to me.

Mike and I were in a team in a competition of some sort. I think it was a dance competition. And we were in a team with a couple of others. And we got through all the rounds and won the semifinal, so it came down to our team vs a team of annoying girls.

But here’s the twist. For the final the judge said “You’re going to put all your dance skills to the test… by winning the photography challenge.”
And we had to get a photo of something on Fountain Road, which is where my nan and grandad used to live so I was excited by this. But the annoying girls knew the area well too. And the judge said “We want one good photograph. Everyone takes photos of the phoneboxes on that road but they never win.”
So I decided we’d go to Fountain Road during ‘the golden hour’ (the best time for taking photos, just before sunset) and get a good photo of the phonebox.

When we got there the phone started ringing and I woke up and realised it was the house phone.

It’s odd how the ending led up to the phone and that’s what woke me up. I wonder if my subconscious knew that was going to happen and worked it into the story before the phone even went off.

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