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My best friend and I occasionally write and film cooking tutorials with a difference.


C4B – Christmas Sandwich


Cooking and eating a whole Christmas dinner can be a right pain, so we’ve made Christmas dinner quicker, faster and more efficient. We’ve also created a Christmas cocktail for you to have with your dinner.

C4B – Barbecue


When it comes to summer, everyone enjoys a nice barbecue out in the sun. But a lot of people don’t use the barbecue to its full potential, so Andy Bloke’s here to show you some of the delicious things you can put on your barbecue.

C4B – Omelette


Andy Bloke may be in self-isolation, but he’s taking the opportunity to do some more cooking. In this video, he shares his unique recipe for his ‘man omelette’.

C4B – Chicken Soup


Andy Bloke is back in the kitchen and he’s ready to warm you up this winter with a nice, hearty chicken soup. But of course, he’s making it in his own inimitable style.

C4B – Crisp Sandwich


In this episode, Andy Bloke shows us how to make a simple but filling snack – the crisp sandwich!

C4B – Chip Butty


In this episode of Cooking For Blokes, Andy Bloke shows us how to make a proper, classic British dish using only the finest British frozen oven chips. That’s right, it’s the proper, classic chip butty.

C4B – Beans on toast


Andy Bloke is back in the kitchen and this week he’s cooking beans on toast in his own inimitable style. And now for some outtakes…

C4B – Ketchup Sandwich


In this episode, we show you how to make a simple, yet filling sandwich.

C4B – Pancakes


This episode is a Pancake Day special. With all those fancy pancake recipes out there, we wanted to show you an easy way to make pancakes.

C4B – Chow Mein


In the first of this new series, Andy Bloke tackles the classic Chinese dish, Chow Mein, and settles the age old debate about whether to use a fork or a spoon to eat it.