Death in green water

In this dream it was Mother’s day and, as in real life, I was waiting for my mother’s card to be delivered. When it came, I opened it to find it was a children’s birthday card. I showed Lee and said it was wrong. He asked if I’d gotten her a present and I said I had. However, when I went to get it from my wardrobe, it wasn’t in there. I looked around and couldn’t remember where I’d put it. After a while, I remembered it was in a locker at school.

I went to the school – which was closed at the time, but I managed to get in – and found the present in the locker. I remembered I still hadn’t got her a card, but I saw an envelope in the locker. I took it out and noticed on the front was written: How the right man saved the day. I instinctively held it up to the light and saw there was a £5 note inside. There was also another envelope in the locker addressed to Mike’s dad.

On the way out of the school, I met up with Mike. We walked down a path which was lined with grass and next to a small stream of green water. In front of us was a big blue-skinned man lying dead on the grassy bank on the other side of the stream. There was a black-skinned man crouched down next to him taking his blood. A normal-skinned man walked past us down the path, saying how the green water was the perfect coverup for the blue-skinned man’s death. The black-skinned man caught up to him and walked with him, trying to reason with him not to tell anyone what had happened. Because Mike and I were also trying to walk down the path, we all kept having to jump across the stream to the other side to let each other past.

Outside, the black-skinned man asked, “Are you really going to keep the green tide up?”
The normal-skinned man said “Yes, because the Sioux girls like it and I like them.”
I then noticed a bunch of young women standing by a market stall giggling at them.

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