Thoughts on… a Dream Database

I’ve had quite a few dreams with celebrities in. Sometimes I wonder if they found out would they want royalties? Cos if you hired a celebrity for a party, you’d have to pay them to come. So why not for dreams?

Anyway, this thought led to an idea. What if there was a way to guarantee you would dream about someone? My idea is a machine, like a database of people, where you can select somebody and have a dream about them. Say it’s a chip, or a patch. You select who you want to dream about, then stick the patch on and it would guarantee you have a dream with them in.

Obviously the person you want to dream about would have to give consent, so they would sign up for it. It wouldn’t just be celebrities either, anyone could add themselves to the database. I know you’re thinking why would I want to dream about some random person? but it’d be like online dating. You see somebody you like and have a dream about them. It would also mean that the person you dream about is a real person, because a lot of the time I dream about people who I don’t know – and probably don’t exist – so I could never meet them.

Of course there’s money to be made, so you’d have to pay to have them in your dream. When people sign up, the company who run the database would work out a price for them based on how famous they are. So members of the public would be about £5 and a top celebrity would be about £30. Maybe that’s too much, but it’s got to be enough that you wouldn’t do it every night.

The idea of the dream database could be used in a film. So a celebrity signs up to the database, but years later he’s dead. But because he’s still in the database, people are are still dreaming about him. One day a scientist decides to see if he can bring the celebrity back from the dead using the data on the dream database. He does so successfully, but the celebrity starts killing everyone who dreamed about him. Pretty scary huh?

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