Emotion and run

I was sat outside talking to Mike and a girl called Sarah – although it was actually my cousin Sam, but younger and better looking. We were on about a TV show and Mike mentioned that Gok Wan came to stay with a couple to assess them, and one of the things he was looking for was to see if they slept in the same bed. I pointed out he could’ve just asked them, but maybe he did and they said “We just don’t know, Gok. We’ve got two beds, but we don’t know if we sleep in them separately or together.”

At one point I felt Sarah poking me in the back with something, like she was digging her nails in, then poking me with a needle. I thought she was giving me a heart tattoo, but I didn’t find out what it was.

Later, Sarah and I were investigating something in a park, when we saw a lion. Sarah asked what we should do and I said “Emotion and run”. We ran and Sarah got away but the tiger followed me. I climbed a fence and tried throwing things at the tiger, but it kept jumping up the fence. I went to go down on the other side, but the tiger somehow got through the bars, so whichever way I went down he’d catch me.

I heard gunshots and the tiger looked scared. He said “Emotion and run” and ran off. I climbed down and found it was Sarah, making a gunshot sound on her phone.