Family Day Out

In this dream, my family was all together – me, mother, brother, brother’s girlfriend, nan and grandad – and we were going to a pamper day. The dream started with us travelling to the spa. Lee, Nan and Sam got a taxi there, so Grandad, Mother and I decided to walk. We went via the Perry Common Rec – a field near our home. Grandad showed me his new phone and an app called HOP which he had downloaded. I was surprised at his technical knowledge and was annoyed that he had got the app before me.

When we met up with the others at the spa, Lee was walking with Nan, so I walked with Sam. She was pregnant (as she was in real life) so I lifted the barrier rope up for her to go under. However, she decided to just climb over the one next to it.

We went into the spa and they told us that we had to pre-book, which we hadn’t done. The woman said it would be an extra £30 if we paid on the door, with no cancellation fee. I pointed out the cancelation fee was a bit pointless since we were already here and wanting to go in. The receptionist showed us a list of treatments, which were quite expensive, except one which was for £2. In the end they let us in without paying the extra because there was only one other man in the whole place having a treatment.

When we went in, the room was identical to my bedroom only much more spacious. There was also a circus in the next room.

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