Lee and I went to a market and I wanted to buy some Simpsons DVDs that were about £3 and Lee was moaning he could download them, but let slip it would cost £4. So we had this big argument, then we left it and walked off. Then I told Lee I didn’t mind that we didn’t get them cos I just loved having a public argument.

Part 2

Goodwin and I were at an airport, and we went into a department store there and we were going to have food but we forgot, and we ended up late for the plane, so we ran and ended up in the ‘hanger’ that was shut (that’s what we called it. It’s the bit you walk through to get onto the plane. The corridor) and this ‘hanger’ was sort of portable, and we were in it and they started moving it, so we had no way out. And as it turned out they were taking it to another airport for a special visitor. So we had to go from Birmingham International to Cardiff in this mobile ‘hanger’ just sitting there.

Part 3

A pair of kids are big fans of a celebrity and they follow him round and get into his house.

They are caught at one point and run off around the house and into a room full of model ships (to the tune of ‘Let’s face the music and dance’)
They hide in this room as there’s no way out.

The man comes in and notices the models have been moved.
Butler: “We must find them.”
The man notices one of their pipes on the fireplace
Man: “Not until we find out what they’re smoking… Ecstasy!”

As he said that I was woken by Lee sniffing really loudly.

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