The FBI (or some sort of team) track me down whilst on holiday in Spain.
At first I think they’re trying to kill me so I hide and fight back. At one point they are hiding upstairs. One leans over balcony and starts taking photos and teasing me, so I look for something to throw at him to break his camera. As I find something I turn around and one of the leaders of the team is standing there. He has caught me.
They tell me I’m not real. I was an experiment and I’ve served my time. They won’t tell me if I was born or grown. Mum and family were in on it. I am very upset.
I have a couple of days before I’m taken back to be ‘finalised’.
I did the one thing I wasn’t supposed to do… Fall in love. (With ‘Luna’)
I keep trying to escape.
I escape and find the girl and we get together and now I’m ‘useless’ to them. Rather than kill me they let me live.

Bit of a cliché ending but still.

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