France and Facebook

Had an odd dream full of oddities.

Lee and I went to France, which was okay. We came back by bus and stayed with Nan and Grandad. Mother was also staying there with the new dog, which was a tiny little thing.

We got on the bus with the new dog and went to the bank with the new dog. Whilst at the bank though, I saw an old woman throwing bottlecaps into the toilet rooms. Someone thought they were bombs and the building went into quarantine. Bad idea. Because the building was then attacked by ice monsters. One ice monster tried to get us but I managed to stop him shooting us by throwing the dog at his gun. This worked, so Lee tried a similar idea and threw me at the monster. This made the monster collapse and knocked him out.

So out of kindness we took the monster home with us. However when we got home the place had been taken over by Spanish terrorists. And one of them sat by me and started talking to me. I got my phone out cos I’d gotten an email from Mike and he saw it and asked why I had it. I said “To make notes mainly, I’m a writer” and I showed him some of the sketches I’d got written down. He liked them and wanted to see videos of them. So I tried to find some videos but they were all crap home videos. So I decided to go on Facebook. I asked if he was on Facebook and he said no. I asked if he had an email. He said no. I asked about Twitter and he said “Duh, of course I’ve got Twitter. I’m addicted to it.”

Before Facebook loaded though a girl came into the room. I introduced the terrorist and the monster to her and then we had a discussion about at which point you should introduce someone. “Yeah, but if they’ve taken their coat off then you must have spoken to them and found out their name. You don’t invite someone in, tell them to undress and then ask their name.”

And that was pretty much it.

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