From Coventry to Wolverhampton

Had a dream last night in which I went to the beach for a day trip. However, there was a war going on and I was forced to join in. Lenny and George from Of Mice And Men were there and I had a companion with me who had a box of food that he rationed off to people. There wasn’t much fighting going on in my dream, more people talking and playing cards.

Later, I got the bus home and someone sat behind me reading a newspaper. A ticket inspector got on and went to see this person behind me, but when he took the newspaper away there was nobody there. Apparently some kids had gone missing and this was one of them. He asked to see my ticket and I told him I needed to buy one, but he thew me off the bus and I had to walk from Coventry to Wolverhampton.

On the way, a kid started picking on me, shouting names and throwing things at me. A few other kids came to my aid, but I eventually grabbed the bully and hit him in the stomach. I then pretended to smash his head against the wall and he promised to stop and ran off.

I then went to work. When I turned my computer on, there was an email from a client – a company called Massage The Senses that we did work for in real life – saying:

“As lovely as it looks it’s not what I asked for. Karen sent through some adverts for the site months ago.”

I checked my emails and there was nothing about the adverts in there. I checked my colleague Mak’s email and found out he was emailed a spreadsheet with a load of banners on. I was going to ask Mak about it, but he was on the phone.

When he finished on the phone, he told me he was talking to another client – Olympic Horse Feeds, again from real life – and they wanted us to design and build a fishing rod for them. Mak said he wanted to just buy one and get it branded, so we went out to get a quote from a local printers.

When we came back to the office, there was a note on the door saying Mak’s card has been declined and we were being chucked out, so I went back home.

Mother was taking the dog for a walk, but half way up to the park she stopped to talk to our neighbour, Janet. I took the dog off her and finished her walk in the park and then came back to give the dog to mother. However, Mother was still talking and just ignored me and the dog. I had a go at mother and went back home.

When I opened the front door, I walked in and was hit over the head with a baseball bat.

I woke up (in real life) with a sore head and a lot of confusion as to whether the Massage The Senses client had actually emailed me in real life or not.

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