Going Around Socks

Before I talk about the dream, I’d like to share with you the fact that when I made the notes for this dream, I put a line that said “going around docks” but autocorrect changed it to “going around socks” and I spent about 10 minutes trying to remember what that meant before I realised it was a typo. Anyway, on with the dream.

So, in the dream I was on holiday with my nan and grandad in Liverpool. I had a cone of chips before I met up with them. We were walking around the docs and needed to get to the other side, so I suggested we go through a hotel. We went through and ended up out on a street.

We couldn’t find the bus stop, so I had a wander round to see if I could find one. A bus came by and I’d somehow lost my bus pass on the bus, so I got on it and tried to find it. Eventually I found it, showed it to the driver and got off. I had to walk back to my nan and grandad and when I got there they were soaking wet as it had been raining.

We called the travel agents to find out where to go – apparently we were trying to get to somewhere – and they told us.

The last two notes I made on this dream were:

Will dye hair black and run business
If I get my own BBC 2 show

I have no idea what that’s about, sorry.

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