Goodwin the flirt

In this dream, Mak (my old boss) was at my house. I was working on a website for one of his clients – DeliVegan. I suddenly realised that I was doing work for him unpaid. I stopped and told him I didn’t work for him anymore.

He went outside to help someone move some stuff off a van. There was a little Kermit The Frog toy, which he hid in the removal man’s sock. It turned out it was Goodwin who was moving. He was in a new city looking for a house – why he was moving before he had a house I don’t know!

We went into the doctor’s surgery and I lay down on a glass table to be examined. Goodwin was playing with the doctor’s things and acting dumb to avoid lying on it next to me. Eventually he gave in and lay next to me.

We then went to get some Mexican food, but we had to climb up a slide to get it. After I’d been up, I slid back down and saw that Goodwin had some crisps. He gave me one and it was in the shape of a fish.

We heard a guy at the counter talking about someone flirting, then a kid walked past and told us to run. It turned out that Goodwin had been mistaken for someone else flirting with the guy’s girlfriend, so the guy was chasing us. We hid, and I said, ‘Crap, he’s with the government.’

The guy eventually found me and tagged me (as in the game, tig and tag) but I said ‘You can’t tag me, I’m over there.’
I pointed off in the distance and the guy looked, then I went ‘Woooooo!’ and waved my hands around to try and confuse him.

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