Interview With John Levene

While we were at Film & Comic Con Sheffield, we spoke to John Levene, who played Sergeant Benton opposite Jon Pertwee and Tom Baker’s Doctors. Levene spoke about why the character is so loved by fans and his new musical career. Check out the interview below:


As mentioned in the interview, Levene has recorded an album called The Ballads of Sergeant Benton. When we heard this, we couldn’t help but buy it and listen for ourselves.

It is often said that actors shouldn’t try to be musicians. However, if this were true, we wouldn’t have such talents as Hugh Laurie or Zooey Deschanel playing with their respective bands. When it comes to John Levene, he is another exception to the rule, because this man can sing!

The songs are excellent choices and perfectly suited to Levene’s voice. As a Beatles fan, I was excited to see a number of Beatles covers in the track listing. It’s hard for anyone to pull off a cover of a song by one of the most successful bands of all time, let alone five songs, but the new arrangements of the songs, coupled with Levene’s voice, makes for interesting listening with fresh takes on the much loved songs. And I Love Her is a particular favourite, with a beautiful reimagining of the song.
Although the songs may not be chart toppers and the younger generation might not appreciate the music, it is a nice collection of songs performed brilliantly by a talented singer.
The Ballads of Sergeant Benton is available to buy here on Amazon for just £7.49. I highly recommend you download it.

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