It’s a dreamin’ thing

Had a dream last night that I was in a recording studio that was inside a school classroom. I had been asked to record a few of my own songs, but most of the dream was dealing with interruptions and distractions stopping me from doing so. Sometimes I’d forget the lyrics, sometimes the woman recording would complain I wasn’t loud enough. At one point she’d set up a timer on my phone to count down 2 seconds before the end of the song – presumably she thought that might help me.

In the end, I asked her if we could forget the whole thing and record Livin’ Thing by ELO instead. She said no, so I started singing it in a falsetto voice and the kids in the background started playing along on various instruments. It sounded quite good.

I’m not surprised that this song featured in my dream, as I’d had it stuck in my head constantly over the weekend.

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