Just over £1

Lee took me and his girlfriend Sam to KFC
There was an offer on and burger and chips was only “just over £1”
When we came out the car park had flooded and Sam’s car was buried
People were trying to get rid of the water
Lee and Sam went to get help
I walked zeta
A couple of nice women saw us and smiled
They managed to get Sam’s radio to play over the loudspeaker
Eventually they got the car out

We went to a restaurant for my birthday meal
Shannon greeted us at the door
I was quite quiet with everyone
On the way out, Lee jumped in the river (a big jump down) and climbed the ladder to get out
We went back to our house
I told mother I didn’t feel too good
I was dehydrated
I drank loads of water and felt much better
I went into the living room and apologised to Mike, Laura and Shannon
We all sat on the sofa

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