Late for work

Had a dream that I woke up and it was almost 2pm. I was supposed to be at work hours ago, so I messaged my boss to tell him I hadn’t realised it was Monday and, since it wasn’t really worth me coming in now, I’d finish working from home and come in tomorrow.

Shortly after I sent the message, there was a knock at the door. I opened it and it was the man who runs the sweet shop up the road, though in my dream he was a colleague from work.

He came in and I explained to him what had happened and that I’d emailed my boss. While I was talking he was fussing Zeta from behind the gate. He said he was passing and just wanted to check in and make sure I was okay. As he went to leave, Zeta jumped over the gate and went up to him for fuss. I was shocked as she’s never jumped the gate and I didn’t think she could as it’s quite a tall gate. I managed to call her over to me and give her fuss to distract her while the man left.

Nan and Grandad were also at our house and wanted to go to town, so I took them over to the bus stop, still in my pyjamas. We waited for a while as a few busses passed. There were a few guys around me and a group over the road including a young girl dressed as a nun. One guy in front of me was putting Vaseline on his lips and I thought I still looked cooler than him, even in my pyjamas.

The number 7 bus arrived and I saw my grandparents off with a hug. I then went back over the road and inside the house.