Le rêve des frites

Had a bit of a weird dream last night, because in the dream I kept waking up and it got confusing as to which parts were dreams… even though it all was.

It started off I was in France with mother. We went to a chip shop and got some chips to take away, but they served it to us on an old plate and said to keep the plate. So we took our chips and walked along a boardwalk by the Seine eating them. I heard a young couple behind us singing Que Sera, so I started singing it too, much to the annoyance of mother.

When we’d finished the chips, we called a taxi and waited.

“Is it pickup us up here?” I asked.
“No,” said mother, “We’ve got to wait by the hospital.”

So we crossed a bridge and walked over to the hospital, which turned out to be the half-built Heimlich Hospital from A Series Of Unfortunate Events. It didn’t look as grand in the night though, it just looked like a block of flats you’d find in Birmingham.

Later in the dream, I was in work and my colleagues Claire-Marie and Laura were there. We were all talking about something and one of them mentioned chips, which triggered my memory of eating chips in France. But I couldn’t remember if it was a dream or not. I asked Claire-Marie if I’d been to France recently and she said I hadn’t, so I said, “Oh, well in that case, I have a dream to tell you about.” and proceeded to tell them about the dream.

Claire-Marie said she wanted to post about it as a blog on our website and did I have any photos she could use. I wondered if we could somehow play back my dream – or access my memories of it – and take a screenshot of the chips on the plate.

I was then at home editing some photos I’d taken in France on the computer. I think this bit was part of the first part of the dream. Mother was waiting outside for a taxi. My brother turned up and told her that he’d had a look at the shed and it was beyond repair, so he was going to build her a new one. He was also going to reconnect the alarm to the shed, as that was very important. He went off and then a load of fireworks started going off. I was a bit worried as they were quite close by, but mother’s taxi eventually showed up and she went off too.

In the final part of the dream, I was still at home on the computer, this time typing up this dream and writing a song about a tortoise. There was a nice blonde girl dressed in black sat next to me. I somehow knew that she was seeing someone, but she fancied me and I liked her. I could see her leaning in slightly, so I leant my head to rest on her shoulder. She pulled back, but then leant in and rested her head on my shoulder. We did this a few times and then eventually I left her resting on my shoulder and I rested my head on hers. It was a nice exchange.

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