Lego droids

Had a dream last night in which I was playing a Lego Star Wars game. For some reason I referred to it as Lego Batman 4, but it was definitely Star Wars, because it was set in space and had Star Wars characters. It felt like I was in the game though, rather than me playing it.

In the level I was playing, you could only play as droids. Most of them were unrecognisable: there was one that looked like Bender from Futurama, but he was wearing a top hat and monacle, and another that was just a blue and green ball, like a little Earth. C3PO was in it, but he had shorter legs.

I had to make my way down a corridor and solve puzzles to open doors. At the end of the corridor was a lift. A normal looking guy (not made of Lego) was in the lift and I had to somehow force him out so I could go in the lift on my own. I sort of nudged him out, but I couldn’t stop as I was playing as a brown and yellow ball droid and if I’d stopped the guy would’ve been able to read the Wheetabix logo on the droid. Eventually, I got the guy out and then it cut to me in my bedroom singing Come On Feel The Noise in celebration.

In the next part of the dream, I was in a nightclub. I left and I was quite drunk, so I went into a shop to buy some paracetamol. The shop was full of Simpsons characters and I started doing all their catchphrases, including Nelson (Haw Haw!), Apu (Thank you, come again) and Barney (a loud burp). This annoyed them and they started to turn on me, so I left. I went and sat down on a bench and my brother came and sat next to me. I took two paracetamol, but I struggled to swallow the second one. Lee apologised for something he’d done earlier and I got a bit tearful. He asked if I was getting emotional because he rarely apologised for things in a serious way and I nodded. He then said, “Sorry for spraying you with water.”
He hadn’t done that, so I asked, “When did you do that?”

He raises his arm and I thought he was going to do it then, but he didn’t. We laughed and he said, “I probably did at some point.”

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