Lego Photoshoot

Had a dream last night where I was a at a photography expo. As I was walking around, I spotted Mak posing for cameras in just his pants. I then interviewed Rik Mayall but I don’t remember what I asked him.

I was then doing a photoshoot for people and I needed some Lego for a particular photograph I was taking of my brother’s girlfriend’s sister, Charlotte. I offered her a Deathstroke figure or a Catwoman figure and she chose Catwoman. I went to a local Lego store to get it and saw her son – Harry, who’s only a few months old in real life but was a 5 year old boy in my dream – and he was announcing that he was going to climb 300 steps in 1 minute. I left him to it and found the figure. There were no members of staff in the shop so I just took the figure. In the end we didn’t even use it because the helmet was painted on and it looked pretty crap.

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