Lenka’s Supermarket Sweep

In college
We went out to get lunch and it started raining
I got pizza with extra garlic sauce, and garlic bread
The others got pizza too

Back in class I’d bought a few little statues in
One was a talking Groot, which the two guys behind really liked and played with on their desk
I took it back and put it on the sideboard
Then I had a fairy statue and a lion statue for my desk, but I couldn’t decide which
The guys behind said Lion
I put it on my desk but the person on my table next to me kept pushing it off saying I wasn’t having it on my desk
I said it represented my strong will and determination
He still pushed it off so I punched him in the face
Everyone was shocked
I just sat there really annoyed

In school
Music class with Lenka as the teacher
Our first class was like supermarket sweep, she gave us a list of things that we had to find in the shop
Plunger, bath mat, CD, banjo and something else
I was partnered with a girl but we split up to cover more ground
We got the plunger, bath mat, CD and banjo
We all sat while Lenka went through each table speaking to the pupils
I had the banjo with me, so I fiddled about with it and came up with a little melody with just the open strings
After I played it, everyone stared at me
Lenka was behind and I figured they wanted me to look back
I did and she wasn’t happy
She thought I’d cheated the game by bringing in my own banjo
I explained that I did own a banjo but this wasn’t mine
I said I played it because I’d gotten bored, but then I felt bad because that sounded like I was saying her class was boring
She wasn’t happy
She finished talking to the rest of the class and then sat opposite me on my desk while she set the next task
She then sat at her own desk
She used her feet to lift up my desk a little and jokingly asked me what was happening
We both laughed about it
I apologised at the end of the class and planned to gift her a pocket ukulele as an apology

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