Looks Good, Sounds Good

Last night’s dream started with me taking my dog, Zeta, for a walk. When I returned home, mother was just leaving. I was to stay in and look after my nephew, Max.

While I was looking after him, Mike’s brother, Will, and his friend, Nelson, came round. They offered to take Zeta out again, but I said that Mike and I would take her later. I then made a silly noise and Will said “Looks good.”
I said, “Sounds good?”
He said, “Let’s hear it then.”

I think that was meant to be a joke but I don’t get it now. So after that, we took Zeta and Max out in the car, with Mike diving. I told Mike that Zeta had already been out and she didn’t need to go for another walk, so we stopped and all got out the car. We decided to get the bus back, but I couldn’t find Max. It turned out Mike had him on a papoose with his coat zipped up over it. We asked a woman for directions to the bus stop and when she told us we all saluted her goodbye. Then we got the bus back home and that was the end of the dream.

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