Lou’s owl impression

I was simultaneously in and telling a story with a few other people. I was in a sort of trench with comedian Lou Sanders and a another guy. I began, “One day, Princess Halle was walking through the woods.”

The dream then showed Halle walking through the woods and the three of us made sound effects. “As she walked through the deep, dark woods, she heard the sound of owls in the night.

Lou then went “Hello Harry Potter, squark… what, I’ve only ever seen them in those films.”

We then told a bit more of the story, but I can’t remember what happened.

In another part, I was watching a crime drama and the bad guys were explaining how they pulled off their plan.

I only remember a few bits: they cut off the security cameras briefly so one guy could press a button to start a machine. Another guy was smuggled out in a bin bag.

At the end of the dream, I was at home in the kitchen and trying to recount as much of the dream as I could to mom, as I wanted to try and remember it to write it down here.