Lunch with a Mexican

Had a dream last night that I’d gotten the train to London. When I got there, I headed off to where I wanted to go. The usual path was fenced off (for construction work) so I walked down the grass on right side of the fence instead. However, when I got to the end, straight ahead and to the right was just the sea, and to the left was the fence, so I couldn’t get to where I wanted to go.

I started to walk back but then saw a bit of the path wasn’t fenced off. Instead there was a small, metal gate leading to a playground. I thought of jumping over it, but then a woman came and opened it to let me in.

I was going to just walk straight through the playground and carry on to my destination, but I thought it rude not to stay in there for a while, as the woman looked like she was expecting me to. I picked a frame with yellow hoops hanging down – like the hoops in gymnastics, I can’t remember what they’re called – and started doing pull ups on them. A woman was making a note of how many I did on her clipboard and showed her friend. I noticed I’d broken one of the hoops, but I just grabbed it and tried to cover it up.

After a while I thanked the woman and left the playground.

I went to a restaurant that was run by two women, but the restaurant was apparently not doing very well. There were only about a dozen tables in the restaurant, but hardly any people on them.

I sat down for lunch with a Mexican guy who worked there. He told me about some of their financial difficulties and plans to improve the business. He told me there was a room in the restaurant with a swimming pool in that he’d offered to buy off them to fund the restaurant, but he was still waiting to hear if they’d accepted his offer.

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