Margot’s visit

After a couple of nights of violent, murderous dreams, I actually had quite a nice dream last night.

It started I was in Sutton shopping. In one shop I looked at some figures and almost bought a Harry Potter trivia game, but decided not to in the end.

Later I was at home with Mike and Margot Robbie came around. Although she didn’t have the accent, she was British, so it might just have been someone who looked a lot like her.

We did some music, playing on the piano. I started playing a song and she liked it, so I tried to find the chords so I could play the whole thing.

There was also a bit where I was trying to turn off a vacuum cleaner, but it had 4 off buttons. “Why does a vacuum need 4 off buttons?” I cried out.

We then went downstairs and watched some TV. A show similar to Jeremy Kyle was on and I pointed out to Mike that we could use the titles of each guest’s problem (e.g. my brother has been sleeping with my fiancé) as a song title in the style or Morrissey.

It was then getting late and Mike pointed out I had to walk Zeta – even though it was pitch black outside – but I didn’t want to miss time with Margot, so I asked if she wanted to join us.

It was then that the real life Zeta barked and woke me up.