Mats and ice cream

I arrived at karate and found out we’d been moved from one hall to another. We had to move the mats that had been put down to the other room, and make sure they were in an alternating green and black pattern. I started moving some and when more people arrived I came up with lines to get them to help, like “Grab a mat and join in.” Which was a reference to a line I the Simpsons (“well grab a brush and join in” from the paint your wagon bit).

Paul turned up and said he’d just come from work where they did a very interesting exercise for team building. I can’t remember what it was though.

Two big kids turned up and were sneering at us moving the mats. I gave them something indicating for them to help, but the one just tossed it across the room and laughed. So I stuck my fingers in his ice cream. The plan was to try and throw it across the room, but I ended up with just loads of ice cream on my fingers. He tried to play it off by eating some off my finger, but was too repulsed to eat the rest.

I was quite pleased with my victory, but also well aware that he could beat me up, so I was a little nervous.