Mike’s job interview

Mike went to enquire about getting a job at a mental hospital he’d once been in
I went with him
He started with small talk with the guy on reception and then said he wanted a job
The guy laughed and said he’d need to have a meeting with the bosses
We went for the meeting
There was an Asian guy and Scarlett Johansson
We were sat in a bar
Mike asked about getting a job and they showed him a map of where it would be
I noticed it was in London, near Buckingham Palace
Mike questioned it and they said that was where the job was
I asked if there was any way he could do training in London and then get a job in the Birmingham hospitals
The Asian guy ummed and aahed over it
I said “I’ll take that as a no” at the exact same time Scarlett did
Mike pointed it out

I went to watch the new Wonder Woman with Grandad
There were intervals in it every 30 minutes
In the second one I asked grandad to wake me when the film came back on and fell asleep

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