Milhouse’s bubble drinks

I went to a product show at the NEC
Milhouse from the Simpsons had a stall selling drinks
You chose the bubbles flavour and then could have stuff added
One addition was a chocolate pizza, so I said that
He then tried to make one from scratch but couldn’t so I said to leave it
I met up with Mike and someone else there
We had some lunch
It was Friday and I saw it was on the weekend
I was supposed to be home soon so I said I’d come back tomorrow and maybe bring mom
Then I realised I couldn’t because of social distancing

I was at dog training but it was at the hall where we do karate
They were doing a test
The first one was to walk around without any trouble
Everyone did okay until someone’s pig woke up and started making noises
Zeta barked at the pig
Sally said she’d let it go because a pig in the room was unusual

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