Mike and I – went on a trip to a place not dissimilar to Minehead. And we were staying with a family who later turned out to be vampire mobsters. And at one point they sent me out to buy something for them with a ‘10050 drachma note’. I think drachma is a real currency, maybe spelt differently. But when I went out it was stolen from me! I didn’t know what to do so I called Mike and we both legged it.

So we went to seek help and we bumped into Josh who said we could stay with him. So he showed us around the place and where he worked. He worked in an office and his colleague was very interested in my job when Josh told her about it. The meeting was interrupted by a message for Josh telling him his brother, Tom, had been involved in a fight. So we went to the school to pick him up and we had a chat with him.

Then we went back to Josh’s house, where Tom complained about a toothache. We all took him to see the doctor, who told him it was a loose tooth and he said “So loose in fact that I can do this” and he pulled it out pain-free. Then they told him to put it under his pillow for the tooth fairy. Tom wasn’t convinced, so he asked the fairy’s name. His mother said it was Red. When asked his last name, she said “It’s Red… Red Robin.” All the adults gave her a funny look, and she said “And when Red Robin… Comes absolutely bob-bob-bobbing along…”

On the way back we passed a market where my mother (who had apparently just turned up) bought me a marionette duck puppet. She also bought one for Lee (who was apparently also there) and got Mike a penguin one. We were happy with them. Lee wasn’t. Back at the house we entertained everyone with our puppets and it was great family fun.

And that was pretty much it. There were some bits I don’t remember. Like I think my Nan and Grandad were in it at some point. But that’s the main parts.

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