Misbehaviour Tubes

Had a dream where I was at school and we were in a lesson with someone giving a talk, but I was sat with a friend called Chris (a friend from school in real life) watching videos from a channel on YouTube called Misbehaviour Tubes.

At one point, I said to him, ‘Everybody has greatness inside of themselves but what they really need is a little shop.’

I really like that line.

Then I had a meeting in which I had to show everyone how to use Google Docs and it was not easy. As an example of how to use Google Docs, I created a document listing all the Bond films I knew. Sadly I could only remember 3 an I don’t remember which ones I remembered now.

I then went to the Black Country Museum with mother. At the end of our time there, we missed the bus because mother was busy taking photos with random people. Then my brother, Lee, presented us with a big bag of different creams (clotted, whipped, etc.).

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